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Chardonnay vine variety can be used to obtain both still and sparkling wines, with high alcoholic strength and rather high acidity. The color of the wine is a light straw-yellow, its scent is typical, delicate and fruity (tropical fruits, especially pineapple), its taste is refined and harmonious. When aged, its flavor has dried fruit hints. It is especially recommended for refinement in barriques.

This vine variety has medium-sized leaves; its bunch is medium-sized, pyramidal, dense and scarcely winged; its grape is of average size, with an averagely compact, tender and golden-yellow peel. Its vigour is high, and its productivity is regular and abundant. The grape harvest occurs rather early (first decade of September). It grows preferably in warm temperate climates, clay and chalky soils of hilly regions, and fresh and breezy areas. It is sensitive to Spring frosts.

It is said that this wine derives from the hills of Jerusalem; in fact, this vine variety grows well in clay soils (like those of Jerusalem). The word Chardonnay has Jewish origins. The first Crusades, coming back from the Middle East, brought with them the wine whose original name was Porte de Dieu, translated from the Jewish term Shahar Adonay that means exactly “God’s Gate”. The vineyards were all around Jerusalem, the holy city, whose gates led to God’s Temple.

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